Day 1: The writing has begun!

Today I contacted both Equestria Daily and Purple Tinker about my ambitious dream of writing up this biography of the fandom, which I am affectionately calling ‘A 2011 Yearbook of the Fandom to Date’.  It will be out of date quickly, but I think it will serve to document the current “State of the Brony” as it were.

EQD responded that they were unaware of anyone working on a biography, and that it ‘might be neat’.  I hope that’s a good thing!

Purple Tinker responded with a request: she will be reviewing each section of my book before it is published here.  This will still be the publication location of my first draft, but these drafts may be a bit delayed in posting depending on our schedules and the baton-pass that we will do with every section.

I wrote the first chapter, which included a brief introduction, as well as laying out the typical first question that anyone first experiencing the fandom asks: “Why?”.  Look forward to this piece soon.

Again, please use this blog to list suggestions for improvement, as well as topics that I may have glazed over or completely forgotten.  If you have experience with publishing e-books (target to iPad reader, as well as Nook and Kindle), I could appreciate some tips, as well.


About isaunter

I'm 30 years old and I have been living in the District for six years now. I love all things geek: from tabletop to video gaming; from computers to manga. I am a brony. I wear glasses, have short hair and sport a dragon tattoo (gasp!). I enjoy wearing tall socks and short skirts, and tend to dress more goth and Lolita than chic. It's just a fun thing.

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