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First round of editing: Complete!

Princess Luna

After 1000 years I'm free!

Okay, it was only two months of editing. After one month of writing.  83 pages single spaced, 40566 words, and I’m guessing over 200 hours put in so far.

Now, the first draft is going by Purple Tinker for approval. Once she blesses it, I’ll begin posting a chapter a day, starting in February.  I’ll also be removing the first two chapters that I posted previously, as the final edits have beefed up those sections substantially.  In the meantime, I’ll begin setting this blog up for the influx of pony.  It should be fun, and maybe a bit more headachey, but the worst is finally out of the way.


Fan Efforts, part 1

I am definitely still alive and editing my first draft.  Purple Tinker is busy working on last minute stuff for BroNYCon, so she won’t be able to release the chapters to you all until after that.

Made of real Ponies! (not really)

We didn't have a knife to cut one open... it looks like I nommed it @@

I also have begun my Fan Efforts – a personal spin I’m giving to the book.  In it, I try my hoof at a bunch of things that Bronies do to give back to the fandom.  So far I have made rainbow cupcakes for our DC Brony Meetup and have made Rainbow Dash fingerless gloves which were a gift at the same meetup.  I’m proud to announce that I now am taking orders for the gloves on Etsy and hope to make many pair for other Bronies out there*!

The fur trim makes them 20% cooler!

*Sadly the cupcakes are gone, but I hope to make a full-fledged cake for this month’s Meetup!

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