First round of editing: Complete!

Princess Luna

After 1000 years I'm free!

Okay, it was only two months of editing. After one month of writing.  83 pages single spaced, 40566 words, and I’m guessing over 200 hours put in so far.

Now, the first draft is going by Purple Tinker for approval. Once she blesses it, I’ll begin posting a chapter a day, starting in February.  I’ll also be removing the first two chapters that I posted previously, as the final edits have beefed up those sections substantially.  In the meantime, I’ll begin setting this blog up for the influx of pony.  It should be fun, and maybe a bit more headachey, but the worst is finally out of the way.


About isaunter

I'm 30 years old and I have been living in the District for six years now. I love all things geek: from tabletop to video gaming; from computers to manga. I am a brony. I wear glasses, have short hair and sport a dragon tattoo (gasp!). I enjoy wearing tall socks and short skirts, and tend to dress more goth and Lolita than chic. It's just a fun thing.

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