It begins!

Following this post I will begin to post the chapters of my novel.  To summarize my efforts, please read the form letter below, that I have created to share with the Brony Community:

I have drafted a book about the Brony subculture(with Purple Tinkers blessing) and am asking fellow Bronies to assist with its content.  The book was written for non-viewers that are interested in learning about BroniesIt explains the basics of the show and the fan culture, as well as addressing the ‘why’ of the fandom.   While this question cannot be simply answered, every single Brony has an individual answer and many of these have been highlighted through examples in this book. 
Because the fandom is so massive, I admit that I have likely missed some details as well as additional reasons why Bronies love MLP: FIM.  To address these shortcomings, I ask my fellow Bronies to read what I have written and provide both positive and negative feedback on my writing to make it even better.  I am releasing a draft of the book chapter-by-chapter for your review over this month at my blog:
I am also putting out a call for support material to be integrated into my book.  These include:
  • Personal stories that reflect just how strong the magic of friendship really is.  For this, I request a 1-2 paragraph short story, vignette, or description of:
  • how you became interested in ponies
  • what MLP:FIM means to you
  • what the fandom means to you
  • your favorite part of the fandom
  • a tale of something that you did/made for the fandom
  • other stories you feel should be told
  • Front and back cover art for the book.  (This will be e-published so I have to research the methods of display and sizes that are acceptable for e-books.  It’s my first attempt so I do not know these details yet.  However if you are an artist/author and know these details let me know! )
  • Artwork and/or photographs for each chapter.  (It is best to read the chapters and then submit works as you see fit.  One example is pictures of at least the mane 6 characters, with no background.)
  • An awesome banner or theme for my blog would also be appreciated. (Because it is a temporary  site for the book, this is a want and not a need.)
Submitters can be attributed via your real name or your pony name.  Please say which you prefer  – I will not put anonymous works in my book, as they do not give as much character for readers to bond with.  If you are comfortable giving out your general location, I would also like that – even if it is just your country, and not the nearest town.  Not all entries will be taken but I will let you know either way before it is published (in the early spring timeframe).  This book will be published under creative commons, and will request attribution for any written segments /summaries and/or art that is taken from the book.
TL:DR Please do not submit things if you don’t want them shared with the world.
Comments and submissions may be left on my blog, Brony Magic, or can be e-mailed to me at Riftwing (at)
Thank you for your support! 
~Riftwing the Pegasus


About isaunter

I'm 30 years old and I have been living in the District for six years now. I love all things geek: from tabletop to video gaming; from computers to manga. I am a brony. I wear glasses, have short hair and sport a dragon tattoo (gasp!). I enjoy wearing tall socks and short skirts, and tend to dress more goth and Lolita than chic. It's just a fun thing.

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  1. I think Hot Diggity Demon made a pretty valid point in his blog here:

    It does have this sort of effect of nostalgia, not for the old My Little Pony cartoons, but of the type of cartoons that I used to watch when I was a kid in the 90’s which I consider to be higher quality to the general crap that has been playing for the last 5 years or so.

  2. don’t forget to include the war between bronies and 4chan, if you need any help i will be more than happy to explain any questions that you might have on any subject

    • I mention a bit of the history in this book, but it is very general. I’d love to get a summary from you! I just don’t want to make the conflict sound like a ‘war’ so much – it did end well for us (as far as growing the fandom is concerned!)

      • this video summarizes EVERYTHING it very well

      • as a avid 4channer myself i was sucked into the battle fighting back against the gore images and posting tons of positive pony threads, but the mods didn’t like that and soon banned me, since then the ban has been lifted and i am now free to surf it again, but i choose not to (too many enemies) and i have found a safe place among ponychan and its community

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