Chapter 3, Part 2: Season 1, First Half of the Season!

Chapter 3, Part 2:
Season 1, Episodes 3-13

continuing the summaries of every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

(Continued from Season 1, the pilot episode)

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)

The following are very short summaries of the rest of the episodes, which will outline the characters, craziness and memes that have come out of each episode. More non-episode-based memes will be explained in Chapter 9. If you want further information on the episodes, more detailed synopses can be found at .


The Ticket Master
Also Known As: Trollestia Strikes Back
Celestia caused chaos by giving Twilight Sparkle only two tickets for “the Grand Galloping Gala”, the fanciest and most popular party in all of Equestria. Twilight was pestered by everypony to choose them as the other ticket recipient. In the end, Celestia called Twilight a silly pony and asked why she didn’t ask for more? The Princess then gave six tickets to Twilight for her and her friends.

Meme maker:

· Pinkie pie’s non-sequitur “Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!” led oatmeal to be a term for silly/crazy things that are said or happen. A thread with random content was created on Ponychan called /oat/.

Pop culture references:

· This plot is nearly identical to the My Little Pony Tales episode “And the Winner is…” where the ponies debate over who should be taken to a concert

· Fluttershy is excited about seeing “loons and toucans and bitterns, oh my!”, which is similar to a quote from the 1939 film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

· The argument scene is very similar to the ones in Jim Henson’s Muppet Movies.

· During the chase scene music similar to Yakety Sax from The Benny Hill Show plays.

Applebuck Season
Also Known As: Applejack is a stubborn mule
Applejack’s big brother, Big Macintosh, is hurt and she stubbornly decides that she will buck all the apples off the trees at their family farm, Sweet Apple Acres, by herself. She works herself to exhaustion and cannot function when her friends ask for her help. Twilight sees that this destructive behavior and tells Applejack that it’s not always okay to be stubborn. She should never be afraid to ask for the help of friends.

Meme maker:

· Pinkie Pie asks Applejack to help make muffins, and AJ ends up getting the wrong ingredients: potato chip for chocolate chips, regular soda for baking soda, a cup of sour for a cup of flour, and earthworms for wheat germ. These poisoned the town and were referred to as “baked bads”. Many fans have made these for parties, partially as a prank and partially to experience Applejack’s poor cooking.

· Rainbow Dash’s gushing kissy-face, the phrase “So awesome!” and the emoticon (“/)^3^(\”) were all based off Dash’s reactions in this episode.

Pop culture references:

· A stampede of mad bunnies emulates that of the Wildebeests in the Lion King.

· Roseluck cries “The horror, the horror…”, referencing Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now.

· The nurse pony is nicknamed Nurse Redheart. She gained fans in part due to the convenience of nurses in stories, similar to Nurse Joy in Pokemon.

Griffon the Brush Off
Also Known As: Gilda is a jerk. Cute, but a jerk.
Pinkie Pie wants Rainbow Dash to help her pull pranks on Spike and the rest of the gang. It’s all in good fun until a griffon named Gilda appears. She is one of Rainbow Dash’s old friends, and not only improves upon Pinkie’s pranks, but begins to monopolize Dash’s time. Gilda starts not only pranking but bullying as well, and this incites Pinkie Pie. She and the other ponies invite Gilda to a party, where they prank her so badly that she angrily leaves them all.

Meme maker:

· An early concept of Gilda by Lauren Faust looked quite different, and she was originally called Grizelda. As such, the old art led to fans creating Grizelda as Gilda’s younger sister who hero worships.

Pop culture references:

· Pinkie Pie begins to bounce like Pepe le Pew in this episode.

· Rainbow Dash’s frantic attempts to escape also are similar to the black cat who often is the subject of Pepe’s affection.

Boast Busters
Also Known As: Trixie the Magician is Best Pony
Twilight is drawn to a crowd where a unicorn who calls herself “The Great and Powerful Trixie” is performing stage magic from her travelling wagon. Trixie boasts about her own talent and challenges anyone to do better, yet she uses her magic to ruin any rival talents. Twilight Sparkle refuses to stoop to such a level and leaves. Two colts named Snips and Snails take Trixie’s bragging to heart, and go off looking for the Ursa Major bear which she claimed to have vanquished from Hoofington. They find it, but the bear goes on a rampage and wreaks havoc. Trixie cannot stop this as she claimed, and instead Twilight Sparkle saves the day.

Meme maker:
· Twilight uses her magic to give Spike, Snips and Snails moustaches. Characters with moustaches are often a subject of online art.
· Rarity takes the dare by saying “IT… IS… ON!”

Pop culture references:
· The title refers to Ghostbusters.
· ‘The Great and Powerful’ title is another Oz reference.
· Trixie challenges others by saying “Anything you can do I can do better”, which is a quote from Annie Get Your Gun.
· Ursa Major is a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. The bear itself looked translucent, and contained stars. At the end of the show, we find out that this is actually an Ursa Minor, the smaller of the constellation bear pair.
· Snips and Snails may be a shout-out to Faust’s Powerpuff Girls, as those two are ingredients in the Rowdy Ruff Boys.

Also Known As: Fluttershy and her badass stare of Doom
The ponies discover that a dragon’s smoke is taking over the skies and Princess Celestia charges them with making the dragon leave. She warned that if the ponies can’t remove the dragon, then his smoke could blanket Equestria for the next hundred years. Fluttershy has a fear of dragons, so the other five have to help her to face her fear in order to save Equestria. They travel into the mountains over treacherous paths, and then confront the dragon without the stubbornly scared Fluttershy. They are unsuccessful, and it is only when Fluttershy sees her friends in danger does she find bravery within herself. She flies up to the dragon and gives him a wicked scolding. He apologizes and she lets him leave unscathed.

Meme maker:
· Why Celestia didn’t vanquish the dragon herself is another point toward her Trollestia alter-ego.
Pop culture references:
· This story may have been inspired by the dragon adventure in The Hobbit, or by the G3.5 special Twinkle Wish Adventure.
· When the ponies prepare to face the dragon, the scene is very similar to scenes from the A-Team or Charlie’s Angels.

· The music played during their journey up the mountain is similar to music from the Lord of the Rings.

Look Before You Sleep
Also Known As: You never sleep at a Slumber Party
Rarity and Applejack get into a fight over ‘getting the job done in a timely manner’ compared to ‘perfection’ in a task. Their argument lasts so long that they are overtaken by a vicious thunderstorm. Twilight Sparkle invites them to shelter in her home and they have a slumber party to wait the storm out. Twilight, still new at the ‘friends’ thing, tries to follow a Slumber Party Manual, which continually results in Rarity and Applejack getting upset at each other. They only realize their faults when a tree falls on the house and they have to work together to save their friend’s home.

Meme maker:
· Rarity gets so upset at one point that she screams “IT! IS! ON!” This showed up on many angry pony images.

· The spooky sounds Rarity and Applejack make while telling ghost stories were added to music videos.

Pop-culture references:
· Apple Jack, in victory, says that’s how to “Git ‘er done,” a common phrase from Larry the Cable Guy.
· The slumber party is similar to the SpongeBob Squarepant’s episode, House Party..
· Twilight Sparkle tells a story about a Headless Horse, which is a play on the story of the Headless Horseman.

Bridle Gossip
Also Known As: Zebras may not be Ponies, but they can still have cutie marks
When a strange, magical Zebra named Zecora visits Ponyville, everypony hides. Applejack’s little sister, Apple Bloom, decides to show that she is brave by confronting Zecora. She follows the Zebra into the Everfree forest, but she never finds the courage to speak up. Meanwhile, the mane six notice Apple Bloom is missing and fear that Zecora stole her away to become an ingredient for the enchantress’ evil stew. When they meet, Zecora tells them to “Beware!” and vanishes. The next morning, all six ponies have a ‘curse’ on their talents. Apple Bloom thinks she is to blame and sneaks off to Zecora’s. The others trace her footsteps once again. This time, the mane six find Zecora making the brew they feared. They charged in and destroyed Zecora’s home. Only then does Apple Bloom step in and explain that they were making a cure for the ‘curse’, which was a joke created by a flower that they stepped on yesterday. Once they realize their mistake they work together and are cured. The town’s ponies then learn that Zecora is not so scary after all.

Meme Maker:
· The curses were all puns on the ponies’ names and talents:

o ‘Hairity’ – Rarity

o ‘Rainbow Crash’ – Rainbow Dash

o ‘Spittie Pie’ – Pinkie Pie

o ‘Appleteeny’ – Applejack

o ‘Twilight Flopple’ – Twilight Sparkle

o ‘Flutterguy’ – Fluttershy

§ Flutterguy gave Fluttershy a very deep man’s voice, and this gained her much fame due to the hilarity of her curse.

Pop culture references:
· In this episode, Twilight acts a lot more like the G1 pony Wind Whistler, who is extremely logical and educated.
· Both applejack and appletini are adult cocktails.
· The title is a play on “idle gossip”, as well as a reference to a “gossip’s bridle”, a medieval punishment used on women who were nagging or gossiping too much.

· Applebloom’s attempt at cottacting Zecora could be compared to the opening plot in To Kill a Mockingbird

Swarm of the Century
Also Known As: Trouble with Tribbles, Pony Style
While Ponyville prepared for another official visit from the Princess Celestia, Fluttershy befriends a cute, flying poof called a Parasprite. She showed it to her friends, and at each stop it multiplied. They all saw this as great news, as then they could be given out as pets. Pinkie Pie was the only one who didn’t want a Parasprite and instead went on a quest for random musical instruments. The next day, the Parasprites had grown into an infestation which nopony could stop. The Parasprites began eating everything in Ponyville, just as the Princess was about to arrive! However, Pinkie Pie shows up as a one-pony band, and as a ‘Pied Piper’ she easily leads the Parasprites back into the Everfree forest.

Meme Maker:
· Due to their annoying nature and ability to breed chaos, trolls in the MLP community are often referred to as Parasprites.

o A sub-meme is ‘Don’t feed the parasprites’ as getting upset at trolls makes them stronger in the same way that feeding a gremlin after midnight makes them turn into monsters, and as feeding parasprites makes them multiply and become completely destructive.

· Celestia says another infestation hit Fillydelphia. This began the re-naming of many cities in the real world. Some become canon(20), and others remain cute fan puns.

· Pinkie’s Parasprite polka has been remixed and reused in fan songs and videos.

Pop culture references:
· This is similar to the Star Trek episode ‘Trouble with Tribbles’, where the fuzzy creatures multiply out of control.

· The episode also referenced Gremlins, as they grew even faster and meaner after being fed after midnight.

· MLP Wikia compares Pinkie’s one man band to Bert from Marry Poppins.
· Rainbow Dash’s quote “I can’t hold it. She’s breaking up!” is a reference to the Six Million Dollar Man.

· The way the ponies tried to herd up the Parasprites is similar to gathering in the game Katamari Damacy.

Winter Wrap Up
Also Known As: the Pony Cult Classic
With winter ending in Ponyville, Twilight was excited to help the earth ponies change seasons, but she wasn’t allowed to use her magic. Thus, the episode focuses on her exploring each pony type’s jobs as they clean up winter and welcome in spring. She fails at doing what her friends can and becomes depressed and reclusive. Then she finds out that Ponyville needs a coordinator to get the Wrap Up done on time, and making lists and organizing is what Twilight is best at. With her help, spring arrives on time.

Meme maker:
· This episode features vests, scarves, boots, and ice skates on ponies, making clothing on ponies definitively canon.
· The song for this episode has become the Brony anthem, and is often sung at gatherings.
Pop Culture References:

· In Pinkie Pie’s ice skating scene, Spike and Twilight actions are similar to the ice scene in Bambi.

· When Twilight cries out about snakes in fear, it may be a reference to the Game Over dialogues from Metal Gear Solid.

· During Twilight’s solo, her route up a small mountain is similar to the scene at the end of The Lion King. She is also trying to find her place, much like Simba had to.

Call of the Cutie
Also Known As: The Episode that finally explained pony butt tattoos
This episode fully introduces the concept of younger ponies like Apple Bloom. All younger ponies have ‘blank flanks’ until they discover a talent that makes their cutie mark appear. Apple Bloom is teasingly invited to a “Cute-ceanera” to celebrate other ponies getting their marks. Feeling left out, Apple Bloom tries frantically to find her talent before the party, but she fails. Pinkie Pie takes her in to see if Apple Bloom’s mark is for eating or making cupcakes, but it’s a trap! The cupcakes are for the Cute-ceanera and the party begins! Apple Bloom is teased for her ‘blank flank’, but two other blanks defend her and make it look cool to not know what their talents are yet. The three of them bond and vow to find their cutie marks together. Thus, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle combine to form the Cutie Mark Crusaders (CMC).

Meme Maker:

· Blank Flank is sometimes used teasingly to describe Bronies who haven’t decided what their personal pony character looks like.

· Apple Bloom harasses a background pony whom the fans call Bon Bon. She speaks in this episode, which helped promote her character in the fandom.

· ‘Bits’ were named as the pony currency in this episode, which is a pun on a horse’s bridle.

Pop Culture References:

· The title may be a reference to Call of the Wild

· The Cute-teanera is like puberty for ponies, and a “quinceneara” is a Spanish term for the coming of age party.

· Rainbow Dash told the CMC that her cutie mark appeared when she discovered a “need for speed,” referencing Top Gun.

· Apple bloom’s sneaking sequence is similar to that seen in Metal Gear.

Fall Weather Friends
Also Known As: Ponies change seasons again, after winter but before spring?
Applejack and Rainbow Dash are extremely competitive, as Dash is speedy but AJ is very strong. They decided to compete in an Iron Pony Competition to see who was the best. After 10 events they were tied, but then Rainbow Dash began to use her wings to make sure that she would win. When Applejack realized this, she demanded a rematch. The next competition was the Running of the Leaves(21), with ‘no wings’ allowed. AJ ties up Dash’s wings and they raced against 11 other ponies. They began to trip and trick each other, ultimately making both of them tie for last place. They both apologized to Princess Celestia, and she made them go back and work on some still-leaved trees, together.

Meme Maker:

· While commentating on the race, Pinkie Pie discussed her favorite types of hot dogs. Because ponies don’t eat meat, a lot of debate has occurred over whether they are some sort of hay or vegetarian hot dog, or if Pinkie is just an exception to the rule.

Pop culture references:
· Rainbow Dash expresses her frustration by saying “horse apples,” which is akin to “road apples”, which are manure.

· Twilight’s racing number is 42, a reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Coming tomorrow: Chapter 3 Part 3 – summaries of the rest of the first season!


(20) The official storyline; the way that the show was ‘meant’ to be. Things that fans imagine might be in the My Little Pony universe are called fanon, and if something that was fanon is shown in an episode, it is often proclaimed canon.

(21) This race is another earth pony tradition which changes the seasons.: the ponies run so fast that it blows the leaves off the trees of Ponyville.


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