Chapter 4, Part 1: Season 2 Opens with Discord!

Chapter 4, Part 1:
Season 2, Episodes 1-2

continuing the summaries of every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)

The following continue very short summaries of the rest of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes.  These sections will outline the characters, craziness and memes that have come out of each episode. More non-episode-based memes will be explained in Chapter 9. If you want further information on the episodes, more detailed synopses can be found at .



Season 2, though originally slotted to air in late fall, was pushed up to September for its start date and the fans rejoiced.  With every new episode, more stories, characters, and memes pop up.  Thus far, the following episodes have added to the Canon base for the fandom:

of harmony et chaos by Iopichio on DA

of harmony et chaos by Iopichio on DA

The Return of Harmony, Parts 1 & 2
Also Known As: Discord is best pony
This two part series focuses on a draconequus(26) named Discord that had been encased in stone.  He broke free and began to wreak havoc on Ponyville.  How he escaped was a mystery, although the Cutie Mark Crusaders were present when his stony prison began to crack.  Discord caused the clouds to become cotton candy and to pour down chocolate rain, which Pinkie Pie fell in love with.  The mane six tried to fix these issues, but did not know that someone was behind it.  Celestia summoned them and revealed a dark history.  It was she and her sister Luna who once did battle with Discord.  They used the Elements of Harmony to defeat him, but now the vault housing the elements was empty, and Discord was free once more.  He appeared to know all about every pony, and, through a riddle, he’d implied that they could find their precious elements in the hedge maze outside the castle.  When the mane six agreed to look, Discord stated that the game had rules: “no flying, no magic”, whilst making said wings and horns vanish.  The hedge grew up and separated them all, and Discord used each character’s flaws to cast darkness and doubt into their minds.  This brainwashed the ponies one by one and they became gray and exhibited traits to the opposite of what they truly are.  Applejack began to lie, Pinkie pie became serious and mean, Fluttershy  became mean, Rarity became obsessed with a giant ‘diamond’ named Tom, and then Rainbow Dash demanded her wings back so that she could fly away to ‘protect’ her city of Cloudsdale.  This broke the rules and Discord called the ‘game’ off.  Yet all the grey ponies were still darkened by doubt and Twilight Sparkle was left with them and the chaos of Discord.

Discord by DarkyTheDragoness on DA

Discord by DarkyTheDragoness on DA

Part Two
As this episode opened, Twilight Sparkle still didn’t know her friends had been Discorded and she became annoyed at their bad behavior.  She was still determined to get the Elements of Harmony, and realized that when Discord’s riddle said the elements would be ‘back where they began’, that it meant they would be in the book about the same Elements of Harmony(27).  Twilight did indeed find them inside their book, and tried to put them on her friends by force.  Seeing as how Rainbow Dash was still gone, Rarity put Dash’s Element on Spike, and said “there, You’re Rainbow Dash”.  By this time they all wanted to defeat Discord so that they could get on with their lives and never have to see each other again.  Discord appeared and taunted them.  The ponies tried to attack, but it failed because Spike is not an adequate Rainbow Dash alternative.  Twilight Sparkle then gave up and became gray herself until Spike showed Twilight all the letters about friendship that she wrote.  With renewed hope, Twilight set off to gather her friends and quickly returned them to normal with her memories of friendship.  They then faced Discord once more.  He acted completely nonplussed, and their attack quickly destroyed him and turned Discord back into stone.(28)

Meme maker:
·         Pinkie Pie states, “Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain!” and wonders if it’s even worth getting rid of such an awesome thing.  Fans have made both her and Celestia friends with Discord, as they do all seem to love tricking the rest of the ponies.
·         Chocolate rain has been tied to the Tay Zonday song of the same title, though the connection may or may not have been deliberate.
·         Celestia uses her horn to open the vault, which has some interesting implications.
·         While being depicted in stained glass, Discord does a shuffle dance atop Twilight’s head. Not only has his dance become a viral flash video, but groups of fans do his dance at meets, too.
·         Spike was drawn as Rainbow Dash in many fan images after this episode.

Popular Culture References:
·         To honor their victory, Princess Celestia hosts an award ceremony that was directly ripped from the final scene from Star Wars:  A New Hope.
·         The voice of Star Trek The Next Generation‘s character Q (John De Lancie) voiced Discord, and both characters tend to get amusement out of their tricks.

Continued tomorrow: Chapter 4 Part 2: Season 2- the first half of the new season’s episodes!


(26) A creature created by Lauren Faust that is “part pony, part, dragon, part a lot of other animals”.

(27) The opening of the Elements of Harmony book was the beginning animation for the first episode of this series, giving a literal fourth wall answer to Discord’s riddle.

(28) As a side note, many fans are upset by how rushed the resolution to this story was.  Discord was a great character, and his magic, if powerful enough to make horns and wings vanish, should have put up a great fight.  Many believe that he willingly went back into his stone prison, and that we will see him again.


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