Chapter 4, Part 2: Season 2 First Half!

Chapter 4, Part 2:
Season 2, Episodes 3-10

continuing the summaries of every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

(Continued from Chapter 4, Part 1: Season 2 Opens with Discord!

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)

The following continue very short summaries of the rest of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes.  These sections will outline the characters, craziness and memes that have come out of each episode. More non-episode-based memes will be explained in Chapter 9. If you want further information on the episodes, more detailed synopses can be found at .


Crazy Twilight by FluffyWuffs

Crazy Twilight by FluffyWuffs

Lesson Zero
Also Known As: Twilight goes CRAZY (in true Brony meme fashion#)
In this episode, Twilight realized that her weekly report to Princess Celestia was about to be tardy and she began to freak out about what punishment she could receive… up to and including being sent back to ‘Magic Kindergarten’.  She ran from friend to friend, trying to find something she could do to then write about.  Rarity cried from her drama couch(30) about a lost ribbon, but she found it.  Rainbow Dash and Applejack were demolishing a barn, which RD finished off with her sonic Rainboom (a mushroom cloud of awesome(31)).  Fluttershy looked like she was brutally beating up a bear, but then Twilight saw it was really just an intense massage session and her help was yet again unneeded. Then the mane six met for a pre-scheduled picnic and Twilight Sparkle tried to explain her problem to them, but they laughed it off.  Twilight got so stressed that she began twitching and stroking her tail in worry, talking to herself.  Her hair became disheveled and her expressions progressively grew more and more insane.  She finally snapped and told the Cutie Mark Crusaders to love her old doll, ‘Mister Smarty Pants’ and to fight over it so that she could fix the problem.  She enchanted the doll to ensure they fought, but it went overboard.  Soon the entire town was brawling and Celestia came in  to break up the fight.  Celestia then put on a stern face and commanded Twilight to meet her at her library, where Celestia told the ponies that they all could write her letters about friendship, but only when there was something to write about.

More meme, even though that whole synopsis is meme material:
·         Rainbow Dash is wearing the “deal with it” glasses, which come from another Brony meme.
·         Big Macintosh comes out on top of the Smarty Pants scuffle, and takes the doll home, even after the enchantment is broken.  For fans of Big Mac, this gives him a softer side, as well as images of him while infatuated.
Popular Culture References:
·         Besides all the meme references, time passes in this episode as it does in the series ’24’ where the sun clicks down the sky like hands of a clock.

Luna Eclipsed
Also Known As: Holy OMG Luna Episode!
It is the pony’s Halloween night, which is called Nightmare Night.  The little ponies, led by Pinkie Pie, trick-or-treat in order to get candy to offer to a statue of Night Mare Moon, which is in the Everfree forest.  Zecora told the little ones that should they offer the candy, they will keep Nightmare Moon from eating them!  Just then, Luna soared in on her chariot, scaring everypony.  They bow to her presence, but also cowered from her raised voice and proffered hoof, which was to be kissed.  Twilight Sparkle realized that the other ponies don’t really understand that Luna is different now: she’s no longer Night Mare Moon.  To try to help, Twilight introduced Luna to her friends and asked them for advice.  Fluttershy’s quiet voice could help Luna to lower her voice, but Fluttershy was petrified and Luna thought that it was much more proper to continue with her traditional Royal Canterlot voice. Applejack showed Luna how to throw spiders and punkin’ chunk, which she enjoyed.  Ruining their fun, Pinkie Pie scared everypony when Luna grabbed Pipsqueak out of the bob for apples, saying the Princess was eating him.  Luna became angry at the ponies’ lack of trust and called upon her dark magic to declare that Nightmare Night was cancelled forever.  Later, Twilight finds a dejected and emo Luna by her statue.  Twilight’s final plan convinced Luna to pretend to be Night Mare Moon and thank the children for their candy offerings, scaring them away once more.  But this time it was scary but fun, and Pipsqueak returned to thank Luna and ask her if she would do it again.  Luna agreed and they all enjoyed the rest of her night together.

MLP Pip by the Knysh on DA

MLP Pip by Steeve (the Knysh on DA)

Meme maker:
·         A new character, Pipsqueak, is introduced who is all kinds of new: he’s tiny, he is from Trottingham (though his Queen’s English accent fades), and he has a spotted coat.
·         This episode finally gave Luna a more fleshed out personality, which fans have taken and ran with.
·         ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE is a meme, which equates Luna’s ancient dialect with the use of CAPS LOCK online.
·         Some pony Halloween costumes are shout-outs to the fans, such as Rainbow Dash as a Shadowbolt and Colgate as a dentist.
·         Derpy Hooves is given a starring role in a few frames, solidifying her as a background character.

Popular culture references:

·         A billboard for Halloween episode was put up in Los Angeles. It was labeled ‘Ponygeist’ and featured Pinkie Pie with a Spike plushie in front of a TV screen. This is a parody of the poster for Poltergeist.
·         Luna uses old English, speaking with the Royal ‘we’ and declaring such things as “Huzzah!” and that that ‘the fun has been doubled!”
·         When Rainbow Dash sneaks around pranking, bits of In the Hall of the Mountain King can be heard.

Sisterhooves Social
Also Known As: Wet hair Rarity
Rarity forgot that her parents planned to leave her sister, Sweetie Belle, for the week while they went on holiday.  She panicked and fretted about having too much work to do.  She also feared Sweetie Belle’s troublesome and messy ways, and for good reason.  Sweetie Belle burned breakfast, shrank Rarity’s favorite sweater in the wash, and used Rarity’s stock of rare sapphires for an art project.  After a long scolding, the dejected Sweetie Belle went to talk to Apple Bloom, who suggested that they have fun by competing in the Sisterhooves Social, a farm event where sisters compete while doing chores, to make work ‘fun’.  When this was proposed to Rarity, she refused to go, as she was busy and didn’t want to get dirty doing farm work.  Sweetie Belle got mad, declared them no longer sisters, and left.  Even though Rarity enjoyed that peace and quiet, she was still reminded of her sister.  When she saw that art project Sweetie Belle made was a picture of them within a sapphire heart, Rarity filled with remorse and ran back to Sweet Apple Acres to beg for forgiveness, but Sweetie Belle refused.  The next day was the day of the Social, and Apple Bloom let Sweetie Belle race with Apple Jack, proclaiming them sisters ‘for one day’.  Sweetie Belle was extremely excited about the prospect and she and her new-found sister ran the relay race together.  At the finish line, the mud covered Apple Jack dropped her hat, revealing a horn.  It turned out that Apple Jack had switched with Rarity!  Sweetie Belle realized that she was tricked, but also that Rarity went out of her way to not only apologize to her sister, but Rarity also was covered in mud and grime, a massive sacrifice all for her sister.

Meme Maker:
·         Big Macintosh appears yet again, and although he says something to Granny Smith during the event, the only thing fans still had ever heard him say were “Yep” and “Nope”.
·         Wet hair Rarity gained popularity, and it spawned  many  pictures of other ponies now sporting the flat, wet look.
Popular Culture References:
·         Rarity vows ‘As Celestia is my witness’, implying that Celestia has an almost deity status over the ponies.  The line could also be attributed to Gone with the Wind.
·         A sheep speaks in this episode, with a comment similar to a scene from Babe.

The Cutie Pox
Also Known As: French ponies are now canon
Everything the Cutie Mark Crusaders do still hasn’t given them cutie marks.  Apple Bloom became depressed about it and no one could cheer her up.  Instead, she sulked in the Everfree forest.  She fell down a cliff and chipped a tooth, but Zecora and her potions were there to fix her up in a jiffy.  Apple Bloom became mesmerized by the variety of potions and ingredients the Zebra had and asked about a certain ingredient called “Heart’s Desire” which is meant to make “talent come into view.” The scene cut to the Schoolyard, where Apple Bloom was showing off a cutie mark: a barrel hoop which she can use as a hula hoop, as well as doing many juggling tricks.  The other ponies were amazed, but then a second cutie mark depicting plate spinning appeared and the others began to get suspicious that these were fake.  Still, when Apple Bloom tried her hooves at the talent, she could do both at the same time.  Unfortunately, over the next day more and more marks appeared, and a frightened Apple Jack took her sister to Twilight Sparkle for a cure.  Twilight diagnosed it as Cutie Pox, but her book said that there was no known cure.  They then turned to Zecora, who had seeds that could grow a cure, but “words of truth must be spoken” for it to work.  Apple Bloom admitted that she stole the herb and apologized for her trouble, and all returned to normal.

Meme Maker:
·         When a Fleur-de-Elis cutie appears, Apple Bloom begins speaking French.  This extends the canon pony world from the United States through England (Luna Eclipsed) and France.
·         Big Macintosh is called Big Mac in the episode, which is his fandom nickname.
·         Another disease Twilight Sparkle mentions is ‘the Trots’, which could be an upset bowel or problems with a pony’s gait.
Popular Culture References:
·         The show opens in a bowling alley, when the main 4 characters from The Big Lebowski are hanging out.
·         Three female bowling ponies look like the leads from Grease.
·         There is a painting in the Apple House which is a pony version of American Gothic.

Squee! Pixel Pony Pets by HibirdLover on DA

Squee! Pixel Pony Pets by HibirdLover on DA

May the best pet win!
Also Known As: he’s a Tortoise, not a Turtle
Rainbow Dash wasn’t invited to “Pony Pet Playdates” because she didn’t have a pet.  At first, this didn’t bother her, but then she decided that she did want a pet. Fluttershy was elated and showed her all the creatures at her home.  Rainbow Dash had too many choices, so she decided to hold a contest to see which was not only the best, but also the coolest pet.  They were whittled down through various contests until those remaining prepared for a race through Ghastly Gorge.  Rainbow Dash declared that whoever crossed the finish line with her wiould win, and this proclamation was her undoing when she was buried in an avalanche; all the speedster flying animals passed her by without a thought.  A lowly slow tortoise rescued her and together they bonded and became pet and owner.

Meme Maker:
·         The tortoise is named Tank, and at the end of the episode he flew via a mechanical propeller belted onto his shell, wearing aviator goggles.  Flying tank is now a meme.
·         This episode also contained the first song of the second season, and thus it spawned many spin-offs, covers, and remixes extremely quickly.

Popular Culture References:

·         This story is directly based off the Tortoise and the Hare fable.
·         The song in this episode is based off the Dr. Dolittle song, Fabulous Places and it plays out like a common Broadway duet.
·         Rainbow dash says she wants a pet that is cool, awesome and radical, all words that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use.
·         The gorge scene may be similar to the Beggar’s Canyon from Star Wars that is used for races.
·         During the race, Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner plays in the background.
·         The rainbow-colored trail made by Rainbow Dash in the race is similar to that of light cycle tracks in Tron.

The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Also Known As: Darkwing Duck, the Animated Pony
Rainbow Dash has a fan club, and her fame and awesomness went to her head.  She flies about Equestria and saves ponies from every type of disaster.  Rainbow Dash also bragged about her good deeds, and even hired Spike to write her autobiography.  But then a costumed pony began to save the day before Rainbow Dash could.  At every turn, she is outdone, and she eventually gets so angry that she chases down the Mare Do Well and rips off her mask.  It wa Pinkie Pie.  Then another Mare Do Well appeared.  And another.  All of Rainbow Dash’s friends have the costume, and they all did this to knock some sense into Rainbow Dash.  She learned that modesty, grace and humility receive much more appreciation arrogance and selfishness.

Meme maker:
·         One of the Rainbow Dash fan club posters has Rainbow looking like Nyan Cat, and she has been depicted with a PopTart and rainbow trail in fan art as a result.
·         Apple Jack names her kicking hooves Bucky McGillicuddy and Kicks McGee.  This has been mocked in the Brony community.  It is similar to Helga from Hey, Arnold! nicknaming her fists.
Popular Culture References:
·         This is similar to the Powerpuff Girls episode ‘Major Competition’.
·         The costume looks similar to Darkwing Duck, and was in fact animated by Alberghetti, who had worked on DD comics in the past.
·         Rainbow Dash says superhero phrases that play on Underdog and Spiderman.
·         The music and background rally posters are similar to Batman: The Animated Series.
·         Rainbow Dash saves a filly from a well, similar to Lassie.

Sweet and Elite
Also Known As: Rarity sucks at time management
Rarity was given one of Princess Celestia’s guest rooms in Canterlot, thanks to her friend, Twilight Sparkle.  She had always dreamed of being part of the Canterlot elite society, so when she was complimented on her hat, she immediately denied being associated with ‘country’ Ponyville.  When she said that she was staying at the castle, it immediately grabbed everypony’s attention and they began to invite her to many ‘elite’ social functions, such as a Wonderbolts Derby, art shows, charity auctions, soirees, and more.  Rarity designed an extremely intricate dress to thank Twilight for the room that gave her all these opportunities to schmooze, but because she became popular, she never had time to finish it.  All of a sudden it was Twilight Sparkle’s birthday and Rarity not only hadn’t finished the dress, but had also promised to instead attend the Canterlot Garden Party, the second biggest party of the year(32).  She wrote an excuse about Opal being sick, but her friends came to her, and brought the party up with them.  Rarity was forced to sneak away from each party, thus not enjoying either.  When Twilight caught wind of this, she laughed and said Rarity should go to the Garden Party – it could have great customers for her fashion line.  And then, Twilight added, they could all go to the garden party.  After they crashed and severely disrupted the party, Rarity was forced to admit to the elite that she knew these ponies.  Though at first the elite were offended, the leader, Fancypants, accepted them and said they were “charmingly rustic.”

Meme Maker:
·         In Canterlot, Photo Finish, Prince Blueblood, Sapphire Shores, Hoity Toity and Derpy Hooves all appear, which elevates them from one-off characters to more frequent background ponies.
·         “Party Cannon is now canon” became a meme of a truth: Pinkie Pie’s portable party cannon was a fan favorite.
Popular culture references:
·         At the art exhibit, paintings are similar to Salvador Dalí’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’, Pablo Picasso’s Cubism style, and Kandinsky’s style of works.
·         One of Rarity’s shopping bags has two horseshoes arranged to imitate the Chanel fashion brand.

The Kiss by Jack-a-Lynn on DA

The Kiss by Jack-a-Lynn on DA

Secret of my excess
Also Known As: Spike is all grown up
Spike’s birthday was coming up, and he was excited about his birthday meal: a Fire Ruby that he had been aging#. Rarity saw it and wooed him into giving it to her.  She kissed him on the cheek in thanks, and he swooned.  When his birthday came around, Spike was amazed that he got gifts from all of Twilight’s friends#, and his greed grew as he got gifts from everyone he passed on the street.  Soon he was demanding gifts and his body was also growing as his treasure hoard grew.  Zecora diagnosed this issue, but it was too late. Spike had grown to Godzilla size, and took Rarity as his damsel in distress to his mountaintop lair.  Rarity was able to get through his berserk state and talked some sense into Spike.  He shrank back to his normal size, but this made them fall off the mountain.  On the way down, he admitted to Rarity that he has a crush on her.  Rarity put a hoof to his mouth, eyes knowing and tearful, and they embraced.  Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch them and all ends happily.

Meme maker:
·         One of the ponies Spike gets a gift from was called Lickety Split, which was a name used in prior Pony generations.  The gender has been swapped, however.
·         Fans that draw Spike have debated which form is his truly grown dragon form, and this episode has given it direction.  However, Spike’s growing forms are different than the forms that he daydreams ‘adult Spike’ will look like, and his full dragon form differs from that of other dragons that have been in the series.  Thus, debate still exists.
Popular Culture References:
·         Giant Spike = Godzilla
·         The scenes where Spike is a giant dragon are similar that to the 1933 film, King Kong


(32) Behind the Grand Galloping Gala.

(33) Similar to a fine wine for humans.

(34) Before this time, he was only with Twilight, and only ever got books for his birthday.


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