Chapter 4, Part 3: Season 2 Up until now!

Chapter 4, Part 3:
Season 2, Episodes 11-16

continuing the summaries of every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)

The following continue very short summaries of the rest of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes. These sections will outline the characters, craziness and memes that have come out of each episode. More non-episode-based memes will be explained in Chapter 9. If you want further information on the episodes, more detailed synopses can be found at .


For Pegasopolis by TNU on DA

For Pegasopolis by TNU on DA

Hearth’s Warming Eve
Also Known As: A mediocre Christmas episode that wasn’t about Christmas
The mane six go to Canterlot to participate in a play reenactment of how Equestria was discovered. This is the main tradition during Hearth’s Warming Eve, a celebration of friendship, Equestria and winter. The play chronicled an earlier age, when the ponies lived in separate tribes: Earth ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns. They became angry at each other because the earth ponies were the only ones that had food, and this anger brought in Windigoes(35) and blizzards. This forced the ponies to find a new land, but they all end up at the same place and argue over their sovereign territory, drawing the Windigoes to them once more. The leaders froze, they were so consumed by hatred. Their second-in-commands realized that they didn’t hate each other, and they did have a lot in common. Their friendship and harmony melted the ice, and the leaders saw the error of their way. They joined their nations under the common flag of equality and lived happily ever after. And that is how Equestria was made.

Meme maker:
· “And that’s how Equestria was made” now has two stories: one from Pinkie Pie’s ‘Cutie Mark Chronicles’ story, and one from the Hearth’s Warming Eve play.
· The earth ponies proclaimed their part of Equestria as ‘Earth’. This not only breaks the fourth wall, but also made fans joke that ponies are real due to the fact that they live on ‘Earth’.
· Rainbow Dash plays a male military Commander in the play, which has again raised questions about her gender and sexual preferences.
Popular Culture References:
· The Algonquian peoples believe a Wendigo is a malevolent, cannibalistic supernatural being associated with the winter, the cold North, famine and starvation.
· The Unicorns proclaimed their part of Equestria as the new country called Unicornia. This is also the name of the Unicorn city in the G3special My Little Pony Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow.

Family Appreciation Day
Also known as: And that’s how Ponyville was made
Granny Smith sees portents of the future: signs that ‘Zap Apples’ are ‘coming’. This includes Timber Wolves(37) howling, an unnatural electricity storm blowing in, crows flying in strange heart shaped formations, a meteor shower, and a storm that produces lighting, a darting rainbow, and a rainbow aurora. Preparations for these apples comes before all else, because they appear randomly, and remain for only five days. If they aren’t harvested and cooked, they vanish. During these preparations, Granny Smith acted more erratically than ever, wearing a rabbit costume, painting pink spots on the house, and shopping for bottles as if her life depended on it. Apple Bloom believed that these actions were embarrassing her, but in the end she saw that Granny Smith had a knack for making zap apple jam, and every behavior helped the jam to be as tasty as possible. Granny Smith was invited to speak in front of Apple Bloom’s class and revealed that the Apple family settled Ponyville and that is was her zap apple discovery that put Ponyville on the map. The jam even made ponies like Diamond Tiara’s family rich, which made all the other young ponies admire both Apple Bloom and her amazing Grandmother.

Meme Maker:
· Zap apples are a new type of food
· This is the first time that weather has happened in Ponyville without the aid of the Pegasi
· Scootaloo calls Apple Bloom a Dictionary. Now both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have been called one, while Scootaloo is still called a chicken.
· Diamond Tiara’s family name is Rich, and her Grandfather was Stinking rich, while her father is Filthy Rich
Popular Culture References:
· Timber Wolves are made of sticks, a pun on the endangered creature, and may be a shout out to the Minneapolis, Minnesota mascots.
· Zap apples have a rainbow across them, with a strikingly similar look to the old Apple Macintosh logo. This may be an intentional shout-out to Steve jobs’ early creations. The shape does change from the rounded apple shape to a more rectangular shape when ripe, which may have been done to prevent any copyright infringement accusations.
· A symbol for the Illuminati can be seen on a tent in Granny Smith’s flashback to her time in Canterlot.

Baby Cakes
Also known as: baby ponies are super-powered
In a show of freak pony genetics, two month-old baby ponies thwarted Pinkie Pie’s attempts to enjoy babysitting them. They are the offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Cake: two earth ponies who have a male Pegasus (Pound Cake) and a female unicorn (Pumpkin Cake). These tykes have a knack for acting up while their parents are away: Pound flies about and is able to carry Pinkie off with him, and Pumpkin can use her magic to draw toys to her, walk through walls, and make herself fly. Their antics briought Pinkie to tears, and only then did she learn that responsibility is more than just keeping these tykes entertained.

Meme Maker:
· The genetics offered here match with theaceofspadez’ theory, which was posted in November 2011.
· Pinkie pie uses a joke of dropping flour onto her head to cheer the babies up. This makes her look like her original character concept, Surprise.
· Pinkie sings a song that fails to amuse the children called “Pigg”
· Because they did have a Unicorn and A Pegasus, some think Mrs. cake had an affair with an alicorn, as their bloodline for both of these different types is quite thin.
Popular Culture References:
· The music that plays whenever Pinkie asks the Cakes to pick her as babysitter is based on Aquarela do Brasil, a Brazilian samba standard from the 1930s.
· Pinkie’s instructions for using the crib mirror a line from The Simpsons episode ‘The Last Temptation of Homer’.
· Pinkie finds Pound Cake walking on the ceiling using his wings, which duplicates scene from Trainspotting. In this scene there is also a brief screeching violins similar to the musical piece ‘The Murder’, made famous by the film Psycho.

The Last Roundup
Also known as: Chimi cherry cherry changa chimi cherry cherry changa…
Applejack left Ponyville to participate in the Equestria Rodeo, but did not return when it is over. Her friends worried about what happened to her and searched her out. Applejack was found in Dodge Junction, working to help Cherry Jubilee with the cherry harvest. When the ponies try to ask Applejack why she didn’t come back home, she avoids the questions and gets angry at their questioning. The ponies resorted to using Pinkie Pie as a tactical weapon, and Pinkie asked so many annoying questions about cherries that it drove Apple Jack to ‘Pinkie Promise’ to tell them the truth at breakfast. Of course, she never went to breakfast, and a rage-fuelled Pinkie Pie led a stagecoach chase to get to Applejack. When she was finally cornered, Applejack revealed that she got every color of ribbon except blue, and she was afraid she would let her friends down. They assured AJ that it was not true and that they were proud of what she did get.

Cherry Jubilee by ShelltoonTV on DA

Cherry Jubilee by ShelltoonTV on DA

Meme Maker:
· The music in the opening scene is similar to the theme music from the western TV show Bonanza.
· This episode marks the first time that Derpy Hooves has a speaking voice, and it caused mass celebrations on the Internet by Bronydom.
· Derpy is voiced by Tabatha St. Germain, who appears to be taking over the show, as she also took the speaking roles for Granny Smith and Princess Luna.
· Big Macintosh cries twice in the episode, creating the image macro “Manly Tears”.
· Cherry Jubilee shares a name with the G1 pony and co-star of the original My Little Pony television series.
· Pinkie Pie had to use an outhouse in the town. This confirms to bronies that Ponies do use bathrooms, and that there are no toilets on trains.
· The Pinkie Pie tactical weapon was referred to as “the big guns” by Rainbow Dash. This only feeds the Internet more Pinkie crazy.
· In addition, the “break a pinkie promise” anger face was a meme the second it aired.
· During the tactical pinkie conversation, pinkie creates the food Chimicherrychanga. “A cherry changa is mashed up cherries in a tortilla that’s deep fried. Cherry changa.” She not only drives AJ mad, but has to ride a push cart home with Rarity, and says “Chimi Cherry, Cherry Changa” on loop the entire way back. This was quickly put on YouTube as an infinite loop of annoying.
· The Cherrychanga or Chimicherry, as an indecisive Pinkie Pie says, has its roots in the Chimichanga, a northern Mexico food and Chimichurri, an Argentinean food. There is also an alcoholic cocktail called a cherrychanga.

Popular Culture References:
· “I gotta get the heck outta dodge,” was said by Applejack.
· During the chase sequence Pinkie Pie says, “we have you now,” and a chime is played. These are references to Vader tracking Luke’s X-wing down in Star Wars: A New Hope.
· The cherry conveyor belt scene is an homage to the truffle sorting scene from I love Lucy – Job Switching.
· The scene in which Rainbow Dash attempts (but ultimately fails) to catch a wooden beam that had fallen is a reference to many Superman scenes.
· The town may be a reference to Dodge City, Kansas, a town famous in America for its role in the wild frontier of the Old West.
· Rainbow Dash asks if Applejack saw “Wild Bull Hicclop” and “Calamity Mane.” These are references to the real life Wild West figures Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Also known as: Stepampunk cider
This episode opened with a large barbershop musical act, sung by two traveling salesponies named Flim and Flam. Where the Apple family’s stock of cider always ran out before everypony could have some, Flim and Flam claimed that using their magical machine/locomotive, they could create enough cider for the entire town. The townsponies were elated, but the Apple family argued that theirs was better because it was made with love. Flim and Flam made the Apple family bet that they would make more and better cider than the Apples could in one hour. They agreed, but when they began to compete, it was obvious that the machine was indeed much faster than them. Twilight Sparkle and the other friends joined in the competition as ‘honorary’ Apple family members, increasing production, but the brothers increased power to their machine, keeping the lead through the finish. Because the Apple family lost the bet, they lost their farm. However, when Flim and Flam tried to sell their cider, the ponies spat it out in disgust. The machine had cheated to win, and bits of trees were in the brew, ruining it. The townsponies refused to pay anything for the sub-par cider, and the salesponies were run out of town.

Film Flam Apple Jam by Feniiku on DA

Film Flam Apple Jam by Feniiku on DA

Meme maker:
· Rainbow Dash is obsessed with getting cider, and is continuously denied any. “Is this a cruel joke?” she asks. She even tried to eat dirt that had spilled cider on it, creating many interesting face screenshots.
· Big Mac had another speaking line in this episode, “No Deal.”
· Doctor Whooves was the official timer in the competition, adding to the belief that he is indeed a pony Doctor Who.
· In her letter to Celestia, Applejack boasted that she was right all along, and that she didn’t learn anything. This has been celebrated by fans as the best letter yet – a ‘back at ya’ to Trollestia, as it were.
· While fans loved Trixie, who was pretty much the same as Flim Flam with her traveling show, the fans generally dislike the brothers. Some blame this on them being male, while male Bronies liked the female Trixie, and others dislike them because their con of the Apple family was much worse than Trixie’s dare.

Popular Culture References:
· This is the show’s first antagonist song.
· The song is based off ‘Ya got Trouble’ from the musical the Music Man.
· “Flimflam” means insincere talk, confidence game, or swindling through a confidence game
· The Flim Flam brothers call Granny Smith chicken, to which she replies as Marty Mc Fly did in Back to the Future: “What did you call me, sonny?” Nopony calls Granny Smith chicken!
· The story may be a homage to John Henry vs. the Steam Drill, an old fable about manpower beating machine.

Read it and weep
Also known as: Indiana Jones Pony!
Rainbow Dash crashed again, and this time it put her wing out of service for a few days.  When she woke up in the hospital, she bemoaned her injury.  She had things to do, and couldn’t do any of them in the hospital!  Twilight Sparkle had the great idea to give Rainbow Dash a book to read and pass the time, but RD immediately dismissed it, saying “I’m a world-class athlete; reading’s for eggheads like you, Twilight.”  While all of her friends said that reading is for everyone, RD refused to believe them and continued to say that it was for eggheads.  However, after they left and she was left alone for hours on end, boredom got the best of Rainbow Dash and she began to read ‘Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone’.  This plays out as an Indiana Jones adventure, and once RD gets into it, she actively tried to keep her friends away and read through the night about  this adventurous pony’s treacherous journey through jungle and booby-trapped temple.  Daring Do had been captured by her nemesis, Ahuitzotl(37), when the doctor abruptly discharged Rainbow Dash.  The book was left in the hospital and Rainbow Dash was desparate to know how the book ends.  She remembered that Twilight Sparkle has a copy, but to ask her for it would be admitting that she, too, is an egghead. Rainbow Dash couldn’t do that.  Instead, she dressed up like a cat burglar (or ninja) and sneaked back into the hospital to steal her book.  She was found out, and the hospital staff chased her about town, finally catching up to her at Twilight’s Library.  There, she confessed and everyone forgave her, because reading is for everyone!  Daring Do escaped from Ahuizotl’s clutches and took the Sapphire Stone with her.  The book ends, and Rainbow Dash gleefully picks up the next book in the series.

Daring Do by WillDrawForFood1 on DA

Daring Do by WillDrawForFood1 on DA

Meme Maker:
·         Pinkie Pie twists her head around twice while watching Rainbow Dash corkscrew.  She really is made of putty.
·         Daring-do shares Rainbow Dash’s hairstyle, but it is grayscale.  They both have purple eyes, but Daring Do has a tan coat.  Both also have an injured wing.
·         One of the cats that tries to kill Daring Do is the kitten that was offered to Rainbow Dash in ‘May the Best Pet Win.’
·         One of Rainbow Dash’s pursuers is actually a patient who made the barking and growling noises during the chase scene.
·         The animation artists mentioned that the name of the episode during production was Reading Rainbow, the same as a popular children’s show.  Images with Rainbow Dash on that show’s logo, and similar references, then appeared on the Internet.
·         Daring Do may be named in part based off of Ditzy Do, another fan name that was popular for Derpy Hooves.  It is also based off the phrase derring-do, meaning “brave and adventurous, often reckless actions”.
Popular Culture References:
·         At the hospital, Rainbow Dash, while explaining how bored and nuts she would go if she had to stay overnight in the hospital, says she would “climb the walls.”  Pinkie Pie then asked if the crash gave RD “super duper spider powers,” just as Spiderman has.
·         Daring-Do is like Indiana Jones, even down to saving her hat from disaster.  Many of the temple traps and scenes are from the Indiana Jones series, as well.
·         The music in the background when RD opened up Daring Do was similar to the film The NeverEnding Story.
·         Twilight and Fluttershy try to play a game similar to ‘Battleship’ with Rainbow Dash, but she sends them away so she can read more.
·         During Rainbow Dash’s burglary scene, music similar to Mission Impossible plays.
·         Ahuitzotl owns the pet house-cat, and pets her while seated on his throne, similar to Ernst Stavro Blofeld of the James Bond series.


(35) Made-up creatures that appear as flying ice horses. These spirits feed off hate and bring winter storms with them.

(36) Wolves literally made of wood sticks.

(37) He is based off of the mythical ahuitzotl from Aztec culture.  He walks on all fours, with dog-like hind limbs and ape-like forelimbs, and a long monkey-like tail with a hand on its end. He has a dog-like head, except his eyes are positioned over his nose at the end of his snout.


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