Chapter 8, Part 2: Brony Video Games

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)


Continued from Brony Videos and Animation

Part II: Video Games
Yes,  video games can have ponies in them, too.

To be truthful, official pony video games do exist.  Hasbro’s website has an area for Friendship is Magic that contains information for both children and their parents, including character backgrounds, videos, and interactive games and media.  ‘Discover the Difference’, a matching game, has great animation, reflecting the show’s quality in miniature.  Hasbro and Ruckus Media also released an iOS application called  Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day in October 2011. The application has mini-games that incorporate reading practice and problem solving skills for children.  Often these games host spoilers of future episodes within, so they are of value to their target audience of children and Bronies alike.

This is another area where the world created by the animators, as well as expansions, occurs.  Some video game / pony connections are small, such as the car modifications, or making My Little Pony skins for horses and dragons in Skyrim.  In other games, it could just be guilds for bronies, such as in World of Warcraft and on Steam.

In the Minecraft community, not only is there a group for Bronies, but ponies are also made in ‘pixel art’ form, shaped by the blocks (each having different colors) that are used to create them.  It is very much like making Lego sculptures, except the blocks must be mined or harvested and the rules of the game somewhat limit creation.  Still, art of ponies is created, appearing as pony pixel sprites over the landscape.  In fact, there are not only just art of ponies, but Ponyville and Canterlot have been made as settings in Minecraft.

Not only are Bronies making modifications to current games, but there are games that are being developed from scratch by Bronies as well.  Some are fighting games, some are cute little flash games, and a few are meant to be Massively Multiple Online games (MMO).  These MMO games are meant to be ‘open world’ where you can play a pony and just explore the world at your leisure.  This also means that having an idea of what the pony world looks like, and then expanding it, is quite important for this Brony skill.

One MMO that is in development, called Equestria Online, embraces the free and open map concept, but also ties in another previous talent that connects Bronies to the fandom – putting an OC into the game through character design.  Such combinations of character, open world, and stories create a great pull for the fans, as there is a lot of potential not only to play, but also to hang out with other Bronies.  Equestria Online will also have original music composed for the game.  From what has been released, the music is  similar to that of the show’s background music, but is also unique to the game.  I wouldn’t doubt if this game music will be embraced by the fandom and used for covers and remixes, as well.

Other games include (but are not limited to):

Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash Of Adventure – Ponygaf & Mane Stream Games

A point-and-click adventure game

Equestria Tales – Byrpheros

As Twilight, you must hunt down and defeat Night Mare Moon’s evil spirit.

Fighting is Magic – Mane6

 Choose from any of 17 characters to fight through both multiplayer and story modes

Luna VS Fun – Egophiliac

Throw spiders at a web, just like Luna did on Nightmare Night!

MLP Online

A MMORPG that plays like old school Final Fantasy, with sprites and all.

Pony Wings

Fly Scootaloo around and do stunts, kind of like Paperboy.

Rainbow Cloud Attack

Play as Rainbow Dash and beat those clouds! Now on Android!

This is by no means an inclusive list.  If you are interested in learning more these games specifically or about games in general, please check their respective websites or through  These are made by fans, for fans, and thus far there has not been an official release of any pony related game by Hasbro or its affiliates.  These are labors of love, and really demonstrate just how awesome Bronies are.

As mentioned earlier, there are many modifications that put bronies into mainstream games.  The largest one as of January 2012 is Skyrim, a massive free-world environment where you play a dragonslayer with special skills, who must discover the secrets that abound.  While characters such as Pinkie Pie hopping around this medieval world did appear when the game was first released, and all of the MLP:FIM characters were drawn in the typical Skyrim armor,  soon after the character that became most closely associated with the game was Fluttershy.  Perhaps because of her bravery in Dragonshy, or perhaps just for the dry humor in it, quiet Fluttershy was drawn in armor, and instead of fighting with strong shouts, she would whisper, or whimper, or quietly scream her ‘yay’ meme.  There is art, videos, and even clothing with her in the Skyrim getup.  This is but one example of video game crossovers, and as more are developed, they will sure to become just as viral as this one is.

There are, of course other games that have been created by Bronies, for Bronies.  These include board games like ‘Maneopoly’, Card Games like Magic: the Gathering, and Roleplaying games based off of systems like Dungeons and Dragons.   As mentioned earlier during worldbuilding, some bronies enjoy their characters and the world so much that they enjoy creating stories through this.  While much occurs in writing, and some will occur in open world video games, the majority occurs through roleplay, which typically happens in chat rooms, on web forums, or through interactive Google Docs.

Next up… finally, static art.


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