Chapter 8, Part 5: Pony real media art projects

(Please note that any images used in this post are by the artists listed. They are placeholders and I hope to have art expressly drawn for this book to replace these images. If you are interested in submitting something, please see this post.)


…Continued from Pony Toys part 1

Part V: Pony Art and Riftwing

Besides fan dolls being made from larger dolls with the comb-able hair, there are also smaller molded ponies that can be made into new pony characters.  These ponies are sold individually as well as in “Surprise” or “Blind Bags” where you can not see inside the bag.  This is a revenue maker for Hasbro, as fans need to buy many bags to try and get  the one that has their favourite pony in it.  A similar ruse has often been used in other collectible toy sets, such as Lego.

Any of these types of ponies can be painted over to create new characters.  Being artistic myself, let’s try another Riftwing challenge!   Since it might be ridiculously hard to make a doll (especially threading hair into a doll base!) I’ll just paint a pocket pony from the Toys-R-US set  My Little Pony Collectible Ponies Set.  Not only are they the same size as blind bag pocket ponies, but also it has a complete set of  the Mane 6 toys.  Another step up the Brony Ladder!

Riftwing’s Fan Projects: Custom Pony Painting
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First, I had to shave off her hair and horn.  It must have been painful for her…

I'm working on making Riftwing from a blind bag base. She's not done yet, though!


There are so many other things that fans make. Just search any pony’s name, and you’ll likely find multitudes of  different items based on that character, their color scheme or their cutie mark. For example:

Plushies have been handmade with many materials in many sizes. The larger, life sized ones have sold for thousands of dollars on eBay.  There are t-shirts, hoodies and hats..  There are bedsheets and cell phone covers.  Everything and anything in real life ends up ponyfied by the fans. And it never, ever ends.

Riftwing’s Fan Projects: Custom Pony Mittens
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I am pretty good at sewing, so I thought another easy project for me would be to make pony mittens.  A bit of fabric, some imagination making the pattern and embellishments, and voila! I made mittens! I gave a pair away at the DC brony christmas gathering, and others are on sale at Etsy.

First try... Rainbow Dash!

I had a tough time deciding how to make these 20% cooler.  Even though it’s an over-used meme, I still felt like without a cloud accent on her rainbow, it wouldn’t look as good.  The fur trim is pretty cute, but the guy who won these complains that they’re a little too girly to wear in public.  Oops!

The next set I did were completely girly: they’re based off Pinkie Pie!

They went to Australia!

These were also a bit plain, so I added a re-tieable ribbon to it, to make them a bit more happy and Pinkie-ish.


The episodes are released in small DVD sets of 1 to 3 episodes in each, with many only being bundled with toys.  While this is cheap and easy for parents with children, Bronies are petitioning for the complete first season on a DVD  or DVD set.  They are hoping that their numbers will influence a series release, but until then the entire season can be purchased on iTunes as an alternative.  Bronies also buy the coloring books and stickers because they are pony, because it supports the show and Hasbro, and it gives Bronies something with ponies on it, even if it isn’t exactly something they will use all the time.

Then, of course, many things made for the girl fans, like socks, shirts, backpacks etc. which are in sizes too small to be used by most Bronies.  Because fans can’t get merchandise from many stores (although FYE  and Hot Topic are beginning to carry adult sized merchandise) places like and Elements of Bronyhood have sprung up to make shirts for the grown pony fans.

Clumsy Nouveau on WeLoveFine

Bronies also make their own clothing and outfits that reflect their favorite ponies.  Hoodies are made with pony ears and tales, and cutie marks are on the hip as well.  There are pony hats, pony mittens, pony dresses.  Some fans take this in stride and also dress up like their favorite pony, in what is called cosplay, short for costume play.  This is common for anime fans, as well as at comic book conventions.  These costumes are usually reserved for Halloween, or Brony meetups, or Brony / Anime / Comic conventions.  They can, just like the fanart, be anything from a full on mascot / stuffed costume to wearing an outfit and wig that are reminiscent of a brony’s favorite pony.

It might sound crazy, but it is fun!  I personally love cosplaying, as Halloween is my favorite holiday and it only comes once a year.  I go to conventions and street festivals to dress up, and try to make at least one new costume a year.  For the final Riftwing project of this chapter, I’ll be making a costume of our favourite Dee-Jay, P0n-3.

Riftwing’s Fan Projects: Cosplay
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