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Week 1 of Edits

After a healthy break, I’m back with some prompts for you, my fellow readers, to consider about this book.  Please reply with your opinions and suggestions!

derp_bubble by bamboodog

derp bubble by bamboodog

The first issue is the First and Last chapter. I know I need to put a lot of the last chapter’s lessons up front, but leave enough vagueness that it doesn’t fully explain the reasons that the rest of the book expands upon.  Are there any sentences in specific that you think we should put up front?

Second, I’m unsure of the ordering of the chapters – especially those of the characters and the static art.  I put the music before the characters, because it seemed to tie in with the episode summaries more, but that makes the character descriptions appear near the mid-point of the book.  The art…. it kept getting pushed back – I wanted to explain worldbuilding and crossovers and the like before I went into all the art that can be made of any of these things? Would it make sense to put the characters first, and then say after other topics that they, too, can be drawn?

I also want meetups to go earlier in the book, but to explain all the toys, clothing, baking, singing, etc, needs the background to be laid out about all these fan works first.  Is there any other place it could fit in?

That’s all for now. Thanks again for your help!

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